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Benefits & Requirements of Membership

Membership in the Junior League of Fort Smith provides many benefits. The most significant is the personal satisfaction that comes from making a positive contribution to your community.  The Junior League empowers women through leadership training and developing action in the Fort Smith community, all while building relationships with a diverse group of dedicated, talented women. You will learn about the Fort Smith community and how to collaborate with other organizations to achieve a common goal. 

As a member, you will receive training and can sharpen your skills in areas such as public speaking, public relations, budgeting, facilitation, team building, fundraising, advocacy, volunteer coordination, and program development.  Should you move out of the area, you can transfer your membership to another Junior League.

Women desiring to join Junior League of Fort Smith should:                                

-Show interest in voluntarism with a commitment to community service and in developing your potential for voluntary community participation

-Be 22 years of age or older and live in the nearby area.

-Complete a new member application

-Demonstrate ability to meet the requirements, which includes attending meetings, fiancial committments and placement responsibilities. 

Through quality opportunities and experiences, a JLFS member receives training that will help her better herself as a volunteer and in turn better her community. 

How to Join

We recruit new members on an annual basis, beginning in the spring.  If interested in joining, please contact us at any time to receive more information.  The application deadline is May 31st of each year.  

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