The Junior League of Fort Smith

Empowering women to act as agents of social change since 1960.

Empowering women to act as agents of social change since 1960.

Empowering women to act as agents of social change since 1960.Empowering women to act as agents of social change since 1960.

Our Community impact Projects

Project READY (Real Education & Development for Youth) -- Skills-for-Life Classes


Skills-for-Life is a monthly life skills class offered t to foster care teens ages 14-21.  The classes often include such topics that most might take for granted, including how to handle: personal hygiene, peer pressure, stress, housing applications, college applications, job applications,  basic finances, vehicle maintenance, and more! 

Each month, we work to provide an insightful speaker, fun activity, and free lunch -  All of which are donated by our gracious sponsors, community partners, and volunteers.

Project READY - Independent City


Independent City is modeled after the board game of Life! It is a real-life "game" that we  set up each Spring,  filled with  fun , prizes, and all of the surprises and challenges of life. This is our year-end finale for our Skills-for-Life students to celebrate and test what they have learned in their monthly classes.  

  This one-day event provides foster teens with a fun way to learn about making smart life choices while getting hands-on experience with simulated life events, such as applying for a job, apartment hunting, buying a vehicle, grocery shopping, etc.  They ultimately learn about choices available to them while in and out of the foster care system and how to prepare for independent adulthood.

JLFS Scholarship


The Junior League of Fort Smith Scholarship is a new project in which our members have already begun holding rummage sales and selling Krispy Kreme donuts to raise money to give foster teens much-needed financial support to attend college.  

Presently,  the most that a foster youth can get from the State to attend college is $10,920 a year.  Most foster youth who go to college must still get student loans to make ends meet.  The Junior League of Fort Smith’s Scholarship aims to fill that gap for college-bound foster youth.  

The 2020 Scholarship Application will be available during the Spring 2020 semester.  

Please contact us to receive notification of when the application process begins for next year.

Project HEAL (Health, Education, Awareness & Leadership)


The mission of the Junior League is to be an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. 

The vision is Women Around the World as Catalysts for Lasting Community Change. Our local chapter’s focus is on children aging through foster care. In order to continue to live our mission, carry out our vision, and support our focus, we must constantly be finding ways for our women to serve the community through volunteerism. We must focus on attacking the issues that are at the core of the foster care crisis. We must be seen as a partner to all like-minded organizations.  

Through our HEAL project, the Junior League is forming long-term partnerships with other local organizations who are address various aspect of the foster care crisis to provide our member's time, knowledge, and skills.